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Next steps in reform

Key Directions for Change

The NSW Government is reforming local government to create stronger councils and strengthen local communities.

The reform Progress Report  explains the three key directions for change:

  • Creating new councils
  • Improving council performance
  • Strengthening the system of local government.


New councils

The Government has announced that 20 new councils will be created in NSW.

The decision to create new councils follows four years of extensive community and industry consultation and independent research and analysis which found a compelling case for reform.

Find out more about new councils


Improving council performance

Councils that did not perform well in the Fit for the Future assessment against the financial, asset management or efficiency benchmarks have a chance to review their proposals and be reassessed.

Find out more here .


Strengthening the local government system

Streamlining the legislation that governs councils in NSW is a key priority of the reform package, with a new Local Government Act scheduled to be phased in from 2016.


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