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Illawarra Joint Organisation

Pilot Joint Organisation

Member councils: Kiama Municipal, Shellharbour City, Shoalhaven City, Wollongong City



About our JO

A confident, vibrant and productive region

The Illawarra Joint Organisation aims to make a difference in our region through

  • Improved services, connectivity and quality of life for our residents
  • More efficient and sustainable government
  • Constructive collaboration with State and Commonwealth Governments
  • Strengthened regional leadership and commitment


Our vision for the region

     "A confident, vibrant and productive region that maximises its potential, and looks after its people and environment."

Hear JO Chief Executive Lesley Scarlett’s vision for the organisation


Hear Wollongong Mayor, Gordon Bradbery’s vision for the Illawarra JO


What are we doing

Focus areas

  • Supporting an agreed Illawarra Regional Growth and Infrastructure Plan and Transport Strategy
  • Ensuring a regional focus on education and skills development and link to job growth
  • Designing, developing and delivering regional strategies that support local activity
  • Designing, developing and delivering regionally agreed policies, procedures and services in areas of local government activity
  • Establishing the Illawarra Pilot JO as a capable and robust organisation


Key Messages taken away from Central Workshop in November 2014

Hear JO Chief Executive, Lesley Scarlett’s key messages


Hear Wollongong Mayor, Gordon Bradbery’s key mesages


Statement of Regional Priorities

Making a difference in our region

Our Statement of Regional Strategic Priorities identifies key issues from our communities. It explains how we intend to work with State agencies and other stakeholders to deliver these outcomes and make a positive difference in our region.


Our community priorities

  • Better infrastructure, transport and access to jobs

  • Clean, safe and healthy environments that underpin coastal lifestyle and a strong economy


Our strategy identifies

  • What we will be doing

  • Why we are doing it

  • The strategies we intend to use to achieve our goals

  • Who will be working with us to deliver these priorities


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