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Pilot Joint Organisation

Central NSW Councils is a Pilot Joint Organisation consisting of 13 member councils. This page has been prepared by members of the JO to share their journey so far. The Pilot process began in February 2015 and will conclude at the end of the year. The final Joint Organisation model will be developed by early 2016, ready for roll-out across regional NSW from September 2016.

Member Councils: Bathurst Regional Council, Blayney Shire Council, Cabonne Council, Central Tablelands Water, Cowra Shire Council, Forbes Shire Council, Lithgow City Council, Lachlan Shire Council, Mid Western Regional Council, Oberon Shire Council, Orange City Council, Parkes Shire Council, Weddin Shire Council.

The boundary of these regions forms the boundary of the pilot JO

Associate Councils: Boorowa Shire, Upper Lachlan Shire, Young Shire.



About our JO

Who we are

Central NSW Councils is a Joint Organisation of councils that works effectively together to nurture regional sustainability and strengthen local government.

Central NSW is home to over 240,000 people across over 70,000km2 of diverse landscapes in NSW. We are embedded in our communities and seek advice and solutions from the bottom up. We value setting clear goals centrally but pursuing customised responses. We use incentives, risk management, place-based and outcomes-based approaches in our work.


Our vision for the region

     "Central NSW is vital to the sustainable future of NSW and Australia."

Hear Parkes Mayor, Ken Keith’s vision for the region:

What are we doing

Focus areas

  • Regional planning and prioritisation

    • Collaborating with the Department of Planning on the Regional Growth Plan;
    • Collaboration with RDA Central West on the a semi quantitative Priority Infrastructure Matrix
    • Supporting regional based planning; and
    • Seeking to influence regional planning process
  • Ensure sustainability of transport infrastructure

    • Scoping feasibility of Regional Roads Group
    • Collaborating with Transport for NSW to deliver better processes in the securing of the corridor for the Bells Line of Road.
  • Regional development focussing on agriculture

    • Developing a community infrastructure priority list for use in regional advocacy
    • Scoping a project using the CENTROC Multi Criteria Analysis on non-infrastructure priorities
    • Progressing the development of a “food and fibre” plan for the region
  • Upgrading and ensuring the sustainability and health of our water supply and infrastructure

  • Attracting health services to the region through a “destination” marketing approach

  • Future-proof telecommunications for the region through long-term broadband and mobile phone access and capacity for services

    • Engaging with the Mobile Black Spot Program

    • Working with RDA Central West on infrastructure prioritisation where they have the lead


Key messages taken away from Central Workshop in November 2014

Hear Parkes Mayor, Ken Keith’s key messages:


Statement of Regional Priorities

Making a difference in our region

Our Statement of Regional Strategic Priorities identifies key issues from our communities. It explains how we intend to work with State agencies and other stakeholders to deliver these outcomes and make a positive difference in our region.


Our community’s key issues are

  • Access to services particularly health and education

  • Broadband

  • Transport links particularly for agricultural and mining

  • Agricultural competitiveness

  • Secure quality water supplies


Our strategy identifies

  • What we will be doing

  • Why we are doing it

  • The strategies we intend to use to achieve our goals

  • Who will be working with us to deliver these priorities

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