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Investing in Local Government Reform

The NSW Government is providing a record investment in local government to create stronger councils and build stronger communities.

This includes:

  • Up to $25 million in direct funding for each merging council and their communities

  • Up to $600 million in savings for councils accessing the new TCorp borrowing facility to build community infrastructure.

  • More than $5 million in seed funding to support new regional Joint Organisations

  • Up to $4 million in innovation grants to help small rural communities

The reforms will ensure that every council in NSW is financially sound and operating efficiently and can meet the future needs of its communities. Councils will be in a strong position to guide community growth, deliver quality services and infrastructure and provide value for money.


There are three key directions for reform:

  • Creating new councils

  • Improving council performance

  • Strengthening the system of local government


You can read more about these directions in the reform Progress Report.



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