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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Fit For the Future reform program? Click below for some answers.

Joint Organisations will provide a forum for councils, agencies and others to come together and focus on their regional priorities – the things that matter for that region. Joint Organisations will help drive the delivery of important regional projects – the infrastructure and services that local communities need and deserve.

Joint Organisations will also provide councils with a more efficient way to deliver shared services for members and the region. Where member councils agree, they can choose to share a common approach to services such as information technology, water management services and community strategic planning. The NSW Government will provide $3.3 million to support councils to establish Joint Organisations.

The majority of regional councils support Joint Organisations but some asked for more time and flexibility to determine their own membership of a new regional body. The Government has listened to this feedback. 

The Joint Organisation model provides for greater certainty and continuity as well as recognising the unique differences in the many regions of NSW.  While some ROCs have been effective, they have varied functions, membership, and governance structures which often makes collaboration more difficult. 

The Joint Organisation model has been developed in close consultation with councils and the NSW Government has listened to regional councils to get the model right. This included a pilot program for five groups of councils to test a range of options, which involved the participation of 43 councils and delivered a range of initiatives and projects to those regions. 

An independent evaluation of the pilot program found Joint Organisations bring benefits to regional communities in delivering on-the-ground projects and attracting more investment to regional communities.

Joint Organisations will transform the way that the NSW Government and local councils collaborate, plan, set priorities and deliver important projects on a regional scale. These new partnerships will benefit local communities across regional NSW by working across traditional council boundaries. 

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