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Regional Joint Organisations

Joint Organisations Boundaries

The NSW Government has released Joint Organisations: Getting the boundaries right  for consultation. This paper proposes boundaries for new JOs based on collaborative work to build the JO model and consultation feedback to date.

The NSW Government welcomes the views of councils, Regional Organisations of Councils, Pilot Joint Organisations and others to help inform boundaries for the successful roll out of JOs from 2017, to ensure that they will bring real benefits to their communities.

Consultation on Joint Organisation boundaries has closed. The NSW Government is now considering feedback to support each region to create an effective, sustainable Joint Organisation in 2017.


Webinar: Consolidating the Joint Organisation model – 24 June 2016

A webinar was held on 24 June 2016 to brief councils and ROCs in regional and rural areas, NSW agencies and others about current work to consolidate the Joint Organisation model. It highlighted opportunities to provide feedback on the proposed JO model until 15 July 2016.

The webinar included presentations from two pilot JO regions as well as senior staff from OLG and the Executive Director of the Regional Coordination Branch of the Department of Premier and Cabinet.


Click here to read the JO webinar participant questions and answers.


Evaluation of the Joint Organisation Pilot

An independent evaluation of the JO Pilot program found the JO pilot to be a success, with the five JO pilot regions making great progress in delivering benefits such as youth employment and education programs, better strategies for transport and priority infrastructure and improved growth planning.

The evaluation report highlights key benefits of JOs including:

•           better alignment of state, regional and local priorities, with a stronger focus on outcomes

•           improved collaboration between councils and better working relationships with State agencies

•           stronger recognition of the role and value of local government in regional planning.

The evaluation also found that the pilot process was valued and seen as effective and consultative.

Evaluation insights from the pilot regions will be important in helping to support the successful roll out of JOs.

Further information is available in the JO Pilot Evaluation Summary Report and detailed JO Pilot Evaluation Report.


Have your say on the Joint Organisation model

The NSW Government has released Joint Organisations: Towards a new model for regional collaboration, for consultation. This provides a snapshot on progress to date in building JOs, key elements of the proposed JO model and next steps for new Joint Organisations (JOs) of stronger, more connected and Fit for the Future councils in regional and rural NSW.

An accompanying Joint Organisations Background Paper,  provides more detail about how a network of JOs could be enabled through legislation, guidance and tools to inform feedback. It asks a series of questions about the proposed JO model to inform implementation.

The NSW Government was pleased to receive 63 submissions and hear from local councils, regional bodies, peak sector bodies and agencies at 10 consultation sessions across regional and rural NSW to help inform the successful roll out of JOs from the next local government elections to ensure they will bring real benefits to their communities.

Consultation closed on 15 July 2016.

The NSW Government is now considering feedback to support each region to create an effective, sustainable Joint Organisation in 2017.


About the Joint Organisation Pilot

Five groups of NSW councils  worked with the NSW Government during 2015 to develop the Joint Organisations model and build better working relationships between councils and State agencies. The pilots are the: Hunter, Illawarra, Central NSW, Namoi and Riverina regions. They include a diverse mix of councils, all with a strong history of working together and a commitment to partnering with the State to address regional priorities such as economic development, transport and infrastructure. Each pilot has trialled a slightly different model to reflect the different working relationships and priorities of their region. The pilot outcomes and their learnings will be shared with other councils along the way and are helping to develop the Joint Organisation model, which will be finalised for implementation from after the local government elections.


Central and Regional Workshops were held in late 2014 for member councils, State agencies and others to develop::

·         A shared understanding of the purpose of JOs and how the Pilot program will work

·         Core features of the JO model and regional variations for each Pilot group

·         Draft action plans for getting the Pilots up and running

·         Ideas for regional priorities to focus on during the Pilots

·         Ideas to help support the councils taking part and ensure the program is a success

Each Pilot has a Charter to guide how they will function and work with others during the Pilot and a Statement of Regional Priorities. The Statements of Priorities were developed in consultation with State agencies and others, and  will guide their planning and projects for the duration of the pilot period. You can read more about the You can read more about the program in the Joint Organisation RoadmapFirst Interim ReportMid Pilot Report, andOctober Policy Workshop Report. Joint Organisations will be established across regional NSW from after the next local government elections. A webinar was held in May 2015 to inform the local government sector about the pilot process, tools and opportunities for councils and other stakeholders to be involved in developing Joint Organisations. Clickhere to listen and watch a recording of the Joint Organisation Webinar. Click here to read the Joint Organisation Webinar participant questions and answers.




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