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Creating new legislation

Local Government Act Review

Streamlining the legislation that governs councils in NSW is a key priority of the reform package, with a new Local Government Act scheduled to be phased in from 2016.


Phase 1

The introduction of more streamlined legislation will happen in phases.  Phase 1 will concentrate on reforms that strengthen our local government system, supporting councils to connect with their communities and build their capability.  In particular, the Phase 1 Bill will:

  • clarify roles and responsibilities of councillors, mayors, administrators and general managers;

  • introduce new guiding principles for local government;

  • improve governance of councils and professional development for councillors;

  • expand on the framework for strategic business planning and reporting;

  • prioritise community engagement and financial accountability; and

  • streamline council administrative processes


This Explanatory Paper Towards New Local Government Legislation Explanatory Paper: proposed Phase 1 amendments briefly summarises each of the proposed Phase 1 amendments.

The public consultation period has closed and submissions are no longer being accepted.  Thank you to those who participated.

This Privacy Notice explains about the personal information collected as part of the public consultation process.


Later phases

The later phases in the legislative reform process will address recommendations arising from reviews being undertaken by the IPART about the regulatory burden imposed on councils and the revenue-raising powers of councils. In each phase, opportunities will be identified to streamline the shape and structure of the legislation to ensure that our whole system of local government is fit for the future.


Background to reforms

Further background information about the reform program, and the work of the Independent Local Government Review Panel and Local Government Acts Taskforce is available here.

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